Blogging to Profit Online From Home

Did you ever keep a diary as a kid. Well it’s a great habit, and by doing the same thing today on your computer can make you some very easy and fun money indeed. If you haven’t looked into the exiting world of blogging, its about time you did, as many people are making money off them and it’s about time you did as well. The best news is that you can create a blog in an afternoon.

Did you know that a new blog is created every second, and 46% of bloggers are actually in it for the money. The word blog was born in the nineties through the mixing of the words web and log A blog is a public space where bloggers can keep online journals for anyone to see.

It is easy enough to do, but does require some thinking and dedication. The golden rule for successful blogging is making sure that you have a niche topic and keeping it updated on a daily basis. Try to decide on a niche topic and find some relevant keywords that you keep repeating in your blog posts so that Google can find you and you will get more traffic. Try to blog on a niche topic that interests you, or it will be hard to keep it up if your heart is not in it.

When picking a niche topic, write down some keywords and keyword phrases, and then go to free to check how many people are searching for those keywords. This keyword tool will also give you some ideas on other keywords you can use in the same topic. You need to find a keyword or keyword phrase that is being searched for at least 1 000 times per day.

You will then also need to check out how much competition you are going to have on Yahoo, Google and MSN. Try to make sure that your niche has less than 250 000 competing pages. This does sound like a large amount, but a lot of the results will be dormant pages and sites who don’t know how they got there in the first place.

You can open up a free blog on Blogger or WordPress. There are others, but these are my two favourites.

Once you have your blog going, you can promote affiliate products on it, or even place ads on it that generate an income for you each time that they are clicked on. Google runs ad sense which is very easy to place on your blog, and whenever interested parties click on them, you could get anything from a few rand to R250, depending on your niche.

If you are not good at writing articles for your blog, don’t fret, as there are hundreds of article sites out there for you to get content. Just type in your keyword and grab some articles. Just remember to keep the authors resource box in tact so that they also have a link back to their site and everyone is happy.

It’s blogging 101, but do you realize what the consequences of picking the wrong topic for your blog are?

Here’s the story: when I first decided to start a blog I was told that you need to find a topic you’re interested in and start writing about that. In fact, that’s exactly what I did. And guess what? It was a miserable failure. Here’s the bottom line: picking a topic you’re interested in is a good idea as long as you take certain things into consideration.

Good news! The things you need to do to make blogging work for you are dead simple!

First of all, you should pick a topic you’re interested in. However, instead of picking just one topic make a list of all the topics you’re interested in. Make sure you end up with a list of at least 5 and preferably more than 10 topics you are interested in. It’s important that you care about the topic, especially if this is your first blog. If it’s something you have no passion for at all writing blog posts will become a chore really fast.

Second, you need to make sure that there is a potential market among the topics you listed. There’s no point starting a blog if you’re the only one in the world who is interested in the topic.

If it’s your first time I recommend keeping the market research as simple as possible. Simply enter your topics into Google and check to see if there are any sponsored Google AdSense ads right below the search fields and along the right side of the page. If there are a bunch of results in these places chances are that there is a market within your topic.

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