Best SportsPGs – East vs West Conference

best sports pg

For college basketball fans, the best sports PG in the country is a very easy thing to find. John Wall is at the top of this list, but look beyond him at Villanova and Wisconsin. There are other young guns on the rise. These five are on our bubble lists as well.

Villanova has been putting on an amazing year, bringing back the old “Dunk Fund” theme. Andrew Bogut is one of the biggest surprises in the country, and he has brought some excitement back into the mix. Villanova’s most impressive feat was winning the national title last year with Krisette Cowles at the helm. Kris Coleman and Kris Wooden both missed the NCAA tournament, but สล็อตโรม่า this team is as good as any in the country and should be considered the best sportspgs in the country. Andrew Bogut is arguably the best player on the team, but without Bogut they would not be in the top five. Villanova also has a number one option in Brandon Jennings, but he is on a team with a new GM, in Chipoles.

Wisconsin has been great lately, upsetting Oklahoma in the Sweet 16. This team is loaded with players who can score, rebound, block shots, and play defense. Wisconsin is probably going to be in the top five come January. If they win their second straight outright title, they will become the only team in the history of college basketball to do it. This is a huge boost for Wisconsin fans, who have waited almost 20 years since the Badgers last won the national title. I think we all know that expectations are high for this team.

Oklahoma has been excellent, particularly on the defensive end. They are ranked #2 right now, so while OSU is hot, don’t count them in until you see them in the tourney. I can’t see them finishing better than third in the Big 12.

Arizona is coming off of a surprising run to the national title. However, they were not expected to be as good as they are. Arizona has been playing some of the best sportspgs in the country. If they can continue to play like they have been, they have a very good chance to take the title again. I like Arizona’s chances.

LSU is the team to beat in the SEC this season. They are absolutely loaded with talent. They lost some key members such as Traynce Holmes and Travis Dickson due to injury, but they have recruited well to replace those players. LSU has the best offense in the country and should be able to pound opponents inside the basket at will. I’m expecting Les Miles’ Tigers to go far in the tournament.

Temple is one of the top teams in the AAC. They are loaded with talented players, and they look to win the regular season again. However, they are not without their faults, such as last year’s turnover that led to numerous possessions in the opposition’s court. This will have a large impact on this team’s ability to win the regular season game.

South Florida is another team to consider for the best sportspgs. They have been playing some of the best basketball of the season and have beaten some of the best teams around. The newcomers are starting to pop out, and are quickly becoming a quality player in the NBA. This is a team that has a lot of skill and looks to win the championship again this year.

One of the newer teams to come into the conference is Oral Football Superstar. They play in the Atlantic division of the league and have one of the best running teams in the league. They have star players like Trevardo, Braxton Kelley and more joining the team this year. They play at home on Sundays, and have a fairly easy-going relationship with the fans. This is good teams to lose to if you’re not ready for the caliber of competition in the Best SportsPGs.

Last but not least, in the East division, we have the defending champion Virginia Tech. They play in the most famous bowl in America and have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. They also have some young stars like Jermain Henry and Perry Stevenson coming into the program. This is a team that can probably challenge for the national championship.

So which of these best sportspgs should you play if you want to win? Each has it’s good points and bad points. Which one will you be playing? The choice is yours. But I hope you take the time to decide so you can enjoy your time playing!

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