Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Parents the world over have recently started taking more precautions for the health of their babies by using clothes that have been created organically. This rejection of inorganic and synthetic clothes for babies has come about because many more parents now know about the harmful nature of these types of clothes than did before.

With the advent of industrial manufacturing over the last few centuries or so, companies have devised a number of techniques to help create clothing on the mass scale. With these techniques in use, a simple cotton shirt is not just a cotton shirt – since it has been processed using artificial brighteners, softeners, flame retardants, ammonia, metals, and formaldehyde, an average cotton shirt is made up of cotton plus all these potentially harmful materials.

Parents have now started avoiding these processed clothes in favor of organic clothes, which are not touched by artificial agents and chemicals. The organic nature of the clothes does not begin with manufacturing alone – it actually starts with their agricultural produce. While your average shirt is made up of cotton farmed using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic cotton is grown using only manure, biological pest control and other “green” techniques. Concern for environment is also one of the major factors why parents are now using organic clothing for babies.

Types of Organic Baby Cloth Materials

Apart from organic cotton, there are a number of other materials that are used in organic baby clothing. These include organic bamboo fabric, and organic wool for winter clothing and blankets. All different organic materials have different texture and feel, so you have a wide variety of choice about the type of organic material you may use for your baby.

Organic Bamboo clothing is especially interesting to parents who also want to use more environment-friendly products. Bamboo is a plant that renews itself every few years or so. Bamboo can therefore be harvested in a controlled manner without doing any ecological damage. Bamboo clothes are durable because of the strength of their fabric; yet, they are also as soft as silk. No wonder that organic bamboo clothes are competing head to head with organic cotton clothes in market share.

Organic wool is produced from animals that are fed only organic food, and no genetic engineering, synthetic hormones or other inorganic methods are used in nurturing them. During manufacturing, the fleece for organic wool is washed using biodegradable detergent.

Disadvantages of traditional Inorganic Baby Clothes

Let us compare the disadvantages of industrial baby clothes with the advantages of organic baby clothes. One disadvantage is the exorbitant use of pesticides in the production of the former. Traditional cotton farmers in the United States alone used some 600,000 tonnes of pesticides for their cotton farming. According to conventional wisdom, these chemicals are washed out of the clothes during their manufacturing and washing. But trace elements of these harmful elements remain. Inorganic clothing does not have this problem. Rather than use pesticides, organic cotton farmers use biological pest control.

During manufacturing, care is taken to make sure that no unnatural chemical or material comes in contact with them. This includes synthetic dyes, which are not used in the coloring of organic baby clothes. Formaldehyde is another compound that is used in the manufacture of traditional inorganic clothing, and which is completely avoided in the manufacture of organic clothes.

Babies’ skin is specially soft and sensitive. They also have not yet developed immunity to harmful chemicals that adults do. This means that their clothes should free of allergens and other irritants. Among others, eczema is one skin condition that can be caused by chemical residue in their clothing. But organic clothing minimizes this risk by eschewing any use of chemicals. Seeing how eczema can affect 5-15% of all babies one time or another, using organic clothing to reduce its risk is a wise choice.

With Organic clothing, you are assured that your child is not ingesting harmful chemicals whenever he or she it is nibbling on his/her collar. Add to this the fact that you know they are helping the world by using environmentally safe clothing, and therefore are already a part of the solution to the many problems in the world, should give you as sound a sleep as your baby. website offers best deals in baby clothes [] for baby boys and baby girls. Offering a wide variety of choice in baby, kids and toddler’s clothing, the site also offers a lot of discount on these items.

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