Bakery Equipment – More Than Just Ovens

Bakery equipment is necessary for the bakery to function. This equipment is not typical to what you might find in a home. There are large scale pots, pans and the like and some equipment most people do not even realize exists.

For a bakery to function properly and to be able to turn a profit everything that they create has to be created on a large scale. This of course takes large scale equipment and equipment that can be used to speed things up a bit.

Bread Riser

There is a piece of equipment that is used in most bakeries. It looks similar to a closet with a glass door. It is a humidifier of sorts that has rows of racks where bread dough is placed to rise. It is important to the business that the dough that is used to make bread rises quickly so that the bread can be baked constantly and there is a constant flow of dough that the bread can be made from ice cream machine.

The pans are placed in the riser and what normally takes several hours to take place occurs in at least half the time.


The ovens that are used in bakeries are not very traditional either. They too look similar to a closet with rows of racks. They open like a closet door and are long and rectangular the way a closet is. The bread and other items are put in pans on the racks and the items are cooked quickly.

The ovens have just about a perfect temperature setting and often times the rack will rotate to give the baked goods an even cooking.


The mixers that are used in bakeries are very large and typically stand on the floor. They are easily twenty times the size of a stand mixer that is used in the home. Usually these mixers are made of stainless steel and are very heavy duty. There are paddles that are used in these types of mixers.

Cutting boards and preparation tables are also a big part of bakery equipment. They are used to prepare the goods that are going to be baked. They are typically made of marble because it is easier to work the dough on. These surfaces are used through out the bakery and can be found through out the kitchen in the bakery.

There are tons of bakery equipment that is needed to run a profitable establishment. Usually this equipment is sold through distributors either online or through a brick and mortar establishment.

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