Applying the Law of Attraction to Attract Women

The Law of Attraction, made famous by the book The Secret, is based on the premise that like attracts like. It says simply that you attract into your life situations, people, events and circumstances which are aligned with your thinking, beliefs and expectations. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest; you attract whatever you think about. Therefore, focusing on the things that you want and reinforcing these thoughts with focused positive emotions such as excitement and gratitude will in turn manifest them into your life. Part of the technique also includes visualization – story boards of the things we want to attract into our lives as though we already have them, and thinking of them in the present tense on a daily basis. This serves to reprogram our current paradigms about what is possible, as our minds tend to want to focus on limitation.

Start by using visualization techniques such as imagining yourself being approached by women everywhere you go. See yourself walking down the street or in a grocery store, and having an attractive woman ask you for directions or the time with a smile, which then leads into a conversation and finishes with the exchange of phone numbers. Or you can use another setting such as the gym women vibrator. See yourself working out, when you notice an attractive woman who continuously looks at you from across the room. When you are done with your workout you are then approached by this woman, and you end up having drinks with her immediately after. The scenarios are endless. Use your imagination and always focus on the result that you want.

Repetition is key to reprogramming your mind. You might want to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself how irresistible you are to women. Repeat this process everyday, the more you repeat it, the more your subconscious will believe it and cause an alignment to occur between your conscious and subconscious minds. This alignment is critical to prevent one from contradicting or doubting the other, as this would otherwise sabotage your results.

Think in the NOW, because your subconscious only operates in the present. Expect that these women are in the process NOW of showing up in your life. When the expectation is there, you are setting yourself up for its manifestation. Don’t fuss over the details of the how, when and where. These are irrelevant to you and should be left to the Universe to figure out. The Universe will work in the most efficient way possible for the results to happen in a very serendipitous and synchronous fashion. Use phrases like “I am sexy and attractive to women”. Or try, “I always find many women who are attracted to me everywhere I go”. “Women are excited to meet me”. “I am really popular with women.” The more you incorporate the present tense into your affirmations, the more successful they tend to be. With this, you set up the universe to create the reality in the now, instead of a future which may never come.

According to the Law of Attraction, DESIRE is the key to manifest what we want. Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment; and the Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your job is to simply have the expectation, the desire. And the most effective way to establish your intentions and desires to your own subconscious and to the universe is with your emotions. It is the thought and the feeling of whatever we want that creates reality. To create that reality, we must harness our emotions to imprint the thought to our subconscious mind; it also causes us to start vibrating at a frequency to attract the good things we want, to us. However, it is important to note that both positive and negative emotions affect the Law of Attraction, so watch out that the emotions you have are positive ones – of excitement, joy and anticipation – and not fear, anger or despair.

If male sex drive was just about orgasm then men could make do with masturbation. Men are aroused by the idea of intercourse: the eroticism of sexual domination through whole body contact, vaginal penetration and control through thrusting.

Women cannot experience this exact same drive. Self-evidently they have no organ to penetrate with but also no reason to do so. Women may have domination and rape fantasies but a desire to be penetrated does not involve the same dominating drive. Intercourse relies on male arousal, so ‘female sex drive’ cannot make it happen. Nor can a woman oblige a man to provide the clitoral stimulation needed for her orgasm.

The amount of money that women spend on cosmetics, high heels and revealing clothing probably rivals the amount that men spend on sex and porn. Most women are focused, not on achieving their own orgasm, but on maximising their chances of attracting a man and then keeping him by responding appreciatively during sex.

Women are described as ‘sexual’ when they respond to a man’s desire for penetrative sex. Female masturbation can be viewed as a threat to men’s enjoyment of sex.

A woman’s motivation to engage on sex (not enjoy orgasm) is driven by her loving emotions not any kind of ‘sex drive’. Why else would women accept non-orgasmic sex? Emotional bonding is achieved through a man demonstrating his appreciation for his partner, so that a woman is motivated to co-operate with his desire for sex.

Women’s experiences of sensual pleasure, erotic anticipation and vaginal lubrication are all described as female ‘sexual arousal’. Yet such responses hardly equate to the much more focused nature of male arousal, which inevitably leads to male orgasm.

Some women enjoy cunnilingus (receiving oral sex). Others stimulate the clitoris by hand or with a vibrator during sex. They may describe such sensations as orgasmic but other women find that these same activities are only mildly arousing sometimes. Women accept intercourse as a relatively effortless ‘love-making’ act to satisfy a man’s needs because more explicit stimulation with a partner does not cause orgasm.

For the most part the male mind slips fairly effortlessly from the real world into fantasy world where women are ‘sex objects’ with sexual attributes. A reason for women to use fictitious men in their fantasies is the need to focus on the equivalent of ‘sex objects’ that can be used for arousal rather than beings with their own needs.

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