All About the Game of Soccer

According to the known history of the game of soccer, it is said that this game came into existence almost 3000 years ago. People of many cultures have played this game in some or the other way; it means the game, which was played earlier, was almost similar to the modern game of soccer. However, no one can tell the exact origin of the game.

Some texts reveal that in 1004B.C. a game was played among the teams of Japan and China. This game was very similar to the game of soccer as the players used to kick the F95zone ball around the small ground. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks played a similar version of modern soccer and imported it to the Asians. A combination of rugby and soccer was popular among the grades of the imperial armies, which was called Pheninda.

The Mesoamerican population also invented a game that was played with rubber balls, very similar to a combination of basketball, volleyball and soccer. This game was played beneath the ground level between two teams where they had to kick the ball towards the basket strapped on the sidewalls at several locations.

Kicking a ball to target the basket on the wall is tough enough as it is, but considering the fact that they used to play with a rubber ball, which is quite difficult to control, gives one a fair idea as to why south and central Americans are such experts at playing modern day soccer.

During the middle ages, the game of soccer gradually entered the European territory where the entire town or village used to participate in it. In Europe, it was popularly known as Mob soccer and was played using a leather ball. As the entire town used to participate in the game it involved unlimited players, which made the game chaotic at the very least.
In medieval France, a combination of hockey, handball, kickboxing and baseball was played at social gatherings like after Sunday church, on holidays or on special occasions. This was called “La Choule”. In England, the game was considered sinful and dangerous due to its aura of aggression.

In 1862, Cobb Morley a well-known solicitor in London established a semi-professional soccer union in Barnes, known as the Barnes Club. After observing certain things he recognized that the game required more organization so as to be played properly. He advised establishing a governing body for the game of soccer. His idea was appreciated and became fruitful with the formation of the “Foot ball Association”. He was considered as the father of soccer.

He was rewarded with this position because he not only mooted the idea of a football association but also drew up some laws and rules, which were held to be the official rules in the history of this game. Within 3 decades of the formation of the English Football Association the game became widespread through Australia, Europe and the Americas. During the 20th century, the first national teams were established and national unions were created all over the World.

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