All About the App Store

The concept of The App Store was created with the introduction of the iPhone. One of the many features of the iPhone was downloadable applications made by third parties, which could run on the phone. These applications consisted of games, navigation systems, restaurant finders, picture editors, and many more buy apple app reviews. These iPhone apps rapidly grew in popularity. At the time of this review there are over 23,000 different iPhone apps to choose from.

The App Store started in July of 2008. When it first opened, there were very few applications that users could download and use on their iPhones. However, the number of downloadable apps quickly grew. One of the reasons for this is because Apple allowed anyone who chose to, the ability to create and submit an application for review. If Apple liked the application, they added it for others to use. This enabled the number of iPhone apps to grow quickly due to user generated content.

Later in 2008, the iPod touch was introduced. It was basically the iPhone without the phone functionality as well as camera. Owners of iPod touches are able to download and use many of the same applications that iPhone users are able to use. This has enabled Apple to make much more off of their iPhone apps than they would if only iPhone owners were able to use the applications.

Applications range in price from free to over $40.00 for the more complicated and larger apps. The high flexibility of price allows anyone the ability to purchase the applications. Creators of highly popular apps are able to bring in income as well. Currently Apple shares a 30/70 revenue share with developers, developers keeping the latter.

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