All About Insurance for the Trucker and the Trucking Company

Attention all individual truckers and associated hauling companies! We don’t have to tell you that your line of business is open to numerous risks. You know that already. What we can supply you with is the info necessary for comprehensive protective coverage, tailored to trailer insurance your specific needs.

A qualified independent insurance agency will be able to come up with an elite packaged policy for the related indemnity, such as:

Commercial liability insurance coverage
Commercial auto liability insurance coverage
General liability insurance coverage
Workers compensation

This insurance applies to trucks used and hired to transport cargo. This includes commercial trucks, such as:

– the box cargo type
– the cement carrying variety
– Dump types
– Garbage trucks
– Refrigerated box types
– Roll-on
– Semi
– Straight
– Tank trucks and
– Tractor trailers

Tractor Trailer insurance coverage incorporates the following types of cargo trucks:

1. Auto hauler
2. Bottom dump
3. Bulk commodity
4. Tank
5. Lowboy
6. Dry freight
7. Dump body
8. Flatbed
9. Tilt
10. Pole trucks
11. Gooseneck trucks
12. Livestock trucks
13. Logging trucks
14. Utility trucks
15. Refrigerated varieties

The Scoop on Trucking Operations Coverage

Related insurance is a specialty one for any tractor-trailer trucks or heavy load trucks that transport cargo from one place to another for others and covers auto liability as well as physical damage. Insurance for the bobtail type of truck, interchangeable agreements and motor truck industry is also available.

Then there is the workers comp aspect that trucking companies may be responsible to provide to their trucking contracts.

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