Acrylic Plastic Products

Acrylic plastic sheets are considered as the nearest comparison to glass with more assets to go with. It has more uses and capacious clear plastic with 93% clearness with many more qualities that makes it more ideal to use.

Sameer Polymer Polished Transparent Colored Acrylic Sheet, 2-12 mm, Rs 130  /kilogram | ID: 16853846312

Acrylic sheets were made out of acrylic acid. It was divided into four classes namely: Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, and Crystallite, all of which are of same variety as that of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
The superior quality acrylic plastics are sturdy, unbreakable and it can resist to ultraviolet radiations and deterioration. More so, it is highly transparent color acrylic sheet. Compared to thicker glass, it has a greener tint while acrylic sheet maintain its transparency even on high density level.

Acrylic plastic has been widely in demand in different usage in many industries in different forms like auto parts, bathroom tools, skylights, windows, signal lights, sign posts, aquariums and many other useful things. It is so light from far from breaking unlike glasses. Another feature is that can easily be recycled and molded into another shape. The disadvantage of acrylic sheet is that it easily gets scratched but it can easily be restored to its original form by polishing it again.

Acrylic plastic sheets is easy to find so it’s not really a problem because it’s widely used in the market and can be found anywhere and even in online stores. Pre-defined dimensions vary from 24″ x 48″ to 72″ x 186″ and a width from 1/16 “to 4”. Different sizes and shapes are available in many showrooms with available service person to do the cutting.

The size and shape that you would want can be easily obtained either in cast, transparent, shaded, tinted, mirror or laser cut. Aside from its sheet form, you can also find various designs made out of acrylic plastic. This plastic maintain its shape and shades for a longer period compared to the ordinary plastic that will tend to turn brown or yellowish in color that will crack in shorter period.

Acrylic plastics don’t need high maintenance too. All you have to do is look for a soft rug and spray it with mild soap or detergent and rub it dry. You can use it around your house in many ways.

Other commercial sites and other establishment never seize to use acrylic plastic because of its versatile uses and more affordable too. Superior quality of acrylic sheets are used to high security places a bullet proof resistant.

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