Acne Face Wash

Face wash with a cleanser has become part of your beauty. Did you know if it was all done correctly, clean face can not only remove dirt on your face, but it could prevent any future acne? We know that presence of acne on your face can affect a personal self confidence. Therefore, the appropriate solution needed to overcome this problem. One simple solution that you can try and implement to reduce acne is face wash.

There are several things you can do for washing your face, starting from selecting the right products and good movement for cleansing skin. For that it would not hurt you consider the following questions that may arise in your mind.

Can use bath soap to cleanse facial skin?

According to some experts beauty, actually use this soap depends on several things, such as skin type and frequency of use. If you only do a few times (not every time 保濕精華液 you use soap to clean your face) and your skin type is normal or oily skin this is not a problem. Although this is also not right.

But so is not recommended to use soap when cleaning face, especially if you include dry skin or sensitive. The fact levels of pH (acidity level of soap) soap harder than cleaning face, while skin was more delicate than skin. If you often clean your face with soap so skin moisture is lost.

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Which is better to effective face wash, warm water or regular water?

Cleaning skin does not have to use warm water. There were still some who think, clean your face with warm water better. Actually, even with ordinary water can be used, only warm water will feel more comfortable in the skin.

Warm water also makes a cleaner face, because it can dissolve oil on skin and facial makeup. Water should not be too hot because it will make skin dry. Hot water will also make blood vessels widen so as not suitable for you have sensitive skin.

How to choose the right skin cleanser for acne prone skin?

Having skin that acne is annoying. Use a cleanser that contains anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid (salicylic acid) as being pimpled face and then switch to regular cleaning when pimples began to disappear. But if acne is continually arising then there is the possibility you have to use your acne medication.

Skin care with a very gentle cleanser (cleanser for sensitive skin) need to balance in order to avoid peeling of skin. If you have acne, you should never use a cleaning face scrub for avoiding skin irritation.

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