A Humorous Look at Spelling Foibles When Sex is On the Mind

In a hurry to find online sex stories? Forget spelling and just flail at that keyboard! Join me for a look at the 1000’s of humorous misspellings people type in every day into their search engines.

The best part of my job of working with website development is I get to use some powerful tools that provide real data on what people type into search engines like Google and Yahoo literotica. These tools gather hundreds of millions of searches together and provide a database of all the searches the billion Internet users typed over the last 90 days. You’ve probably already heard that ‘sex’ is the #1 most frequently typed search term. Boring, who needed a computer to tell us this most obvious of facts. Let’s look at something more interesting.

Looking at the list of 1000 most popular search terms, I recently noticed that “literotica” was #22. Not bad for something I’d never heard of before. A quick search on the term reveals it’s a web site filled with erotic literature. So far, so good, but I had the sense that some fun might be at hand. I then used my web tools to tell me all the ways people misspell “literotica.” Fifty-one misspellings came back. Wow. That’s a lot of ways to misspell a 10 letter word.

The most common misspelling is “literotic”, with 939 wrong spellings a day. Not bad, this is, in fact, as logical of a name as the website’s real name, just lacking that Latinate ending of the real name. Next most common is the “I’m in a hurry” winner, “litrotica”, at 605 wrong spellings a day. Just leave that “e” out and get me there that much faster!

Perhaps many of the searchers have a certain intensity that leads to twitchy, “hit the key twice” proclivity. The next two common wrong spellings are doubled letter variations: “literrotica” (153/day) and “litterotica” (145/day).

As you progress down the list, the variations just become a jumble soup of monkeys pounding keyboards, trying to write a Shakespeare play, but instead approximating but never coming close to the real name Literotica: “literoteca”, “literoticca”, “literotice”, “leiterotica”, “luterotica”, “ltierotica”, “litertiica”, and so on!

Moving on down the list, most honorable mention award goes to the Nordic searchers with “literotika” (5/day). Perhaps they are lonely.

And what was the rarest, most infrequent misspelling? Why, ironically enough, the one that almost seems correctly spelled: “lighterotica” (2/day).

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